Origins of this Website

This website was developed from a research project funded by Transport Canada in 2009 – 2013 and includes our research results and research from other studies around the world. It is maintained by the Centre for Research and Intervention on Suicide, Ethical Issues and End-of-Life Practices (CRISE) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Last update: August 2018


  • To provide railway stakeholders from Canada and around the world with relevant scientific information to improve prevention of railway fatalities and reduce their impact on employees
  • To promote sharing of information among railway network stakeholders regarding suicide prevention and support for employees
  • To encourage and support the development of evidence based suicide prevention practices
  • To encourage and support the development of evidence based support and trauma prevention practices
  • To encourage and support the evaluation of practices in order to improve practices and insure continuing quality control


  • December 05 2019

    Ontario, Canada: Surge in suicides on GO Transit tracks highlights need for new prevention tactics

    In 2019, the unusual number of suicides on Ontario railways calls for new prevention strategies: ...

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  • October 24 2019

    NEW REPORT FROM CRISE: Critical Incidents in the Railway Industry: Preventing Negative Psychological Effects in Locomotive Engineers and Train Conductors.

    This document summarizes the main findings of a study that assessed various critical incident (CI) management and employee support protocols in the railway industry in order to: raise managers’...

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