Time of accident fatalities

Accidents vary in time, as described bellow:

Annual variations

The numbers of railway accidents varies from year to year. For example, there was a larger number of accidents in Ontario in 2005. This increase has been noted across all areas of transportation in Canada and is very difficult to explain.

Annual Number of accidents per year by province


Seasonal variations

Weather conditions play a small part in railway accidental deaths. A majority of accidents took place on a clear day (61.1%). However, snow and rain were present in respectively 15% and 7.8% of accidents. Accidents occur more often when the temperature is between -9 Celcius and +5 celcius. This difference is fairly large and displays what one may expect to find: accidents are more likely to occur during poorer weather conditions (colder temperature and/or difficult atmospheric conditions).

percentage of accidents by temperature

Monthly rates show that a larger number of accidents occur during the fall (September: 13.8%, October: 11.2%).


Hours of the day

Accidental deaths tend to occur more frequently during the day, especially mid-afternoon.

Number of accidents per hour during the timeslots


Days of the week

The proportion of accidents increases steadily during the week, with the highest number on Sundays (21.0%).

Percentage of all accidental deaths for each day of the week

This higher risk of accidents during the weekends may be explained by increased levels of substance use. Indeed, we observe an increase in the presence of substances in the blood of accident victims on weekends.