Data collection and compilation issues

  •  Our three sources of data vary in the cases of railway mortalities they include. This makes it very difficult to accurately monitor changes in the number of suicides and the circumstances
  • There is a need for the TSB, TC, and railway companies to review data collection procedures so that their reports reflect more accurately the prevalence of railway suicides
  • The number of railway suicides is probably an underestimate due to inconsistencies in data collection
  • Coroners and medical examiners have the most reliable data, although their data is not always complete (81% of cases)
  • Although they compile most cases, coroners do not all include the same types of information and amount of details in their reports and files on suicides.
  • It would be useful to design a set of data that is necessary to gather in all instances of railway suicides in order to ensure consistency in records on railway suicides and allow for comprehensive analysis